If You Want to Shine like the Sun, First Burn like the Sun

Seeking My Utopia

Ready Set Go !


Picture yourself sprinting on the 100 meter track panting through all the air in your lungs. The cool breeze zipping past your hair, almost cutting through your sunken cheeks. Your calves can feel the burn of your toil, but you know it will be over soon. The finish line is in sight and suddenly an announcement comes blaring into your ears

‘ The 100 meter race is now a half marathon ’

You exhale sharply expressing your disgust over this unanticipated change of events, even thinking whether to stop for a moment and ask
‘ Who the heck is playing games with that announcement mic ? ’
Yet your legs continue to work in harmony, slowly reducing the pace of a sprinter to the speed of a marathoner, while your head sways side to side observing your fellow competitors reassuring yourself that the race is on…

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10 Tips On How To Save Money

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30 Inspirational New Year’s Resolution Quotes

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